Tuesday, 4 March 2014

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This term has proven to be another information packed-never enough time-kind of term! We've looked at videos, websites, digital stories, photo editing, portfolios, and much more (to say the least). However, most importantly we have talked about the changing ways of the classroom and the newer, authentic-learning styles of the the students. As discussed in class yesterday, maybe the learning styles and information aren't totally changing- but it seems we as the teachers are. We are moving to the sidelines to better allow students to fuel their own learning and work in a collaborative manner. So what does this look like in the classroom? Well, I can't tell you with 100% certainty! But I will start here..

I came across a website that does a fantastic job of summing everything up that came up in our discussion about how to be an "on-board" teacher in 2014. Feel free to take a look by following this link: Authentic Instruction

A quick sneak peak of what the authors say to be the 5 rules of authentic learning....

Higher-Order Thinking
Depth of Knowledge
Connectedness to the World Beyond the Classroom
Substantive Conversations
Social Support for Student Achievement

So, I will start there. And I will allow students to lend a hand in how they want to learn the information we need them to be learning. And of course, I think every great teacher learns from their mistakes- and I feel comfortable saying that trial and error is sure to happen in my classroom, but I'm confident that our successes as a whole class will come out on top.

Good luck to all my fellow classmates and thanks again to Mike for providing us the information needed to set us up for success in our first teaching positions :)

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  1. Thanks, Jen, all the best in your teaching career!